Who I am- Dan Vilter

A Homeschooling Parent

Entertainment Professional

Techno geek- with lots of computers

What this session is about

Using the internet to your families benefit

Understanding the power of the Internet

Confronting fears about the internet

What this session is NOT about

How to set up parental controls on your computer

Determining how much time “on the computer” is healthy

Show and tell

my space

show a couple of sites

Dan Vilter

Even a 48 YO Guy can have a site

What about those ads?

Commercially driven

Like TV and Magazines and news papers it’s primary purpose is to deliver an audience to its advertisers. Don’t EVER forget that.

Show Bio
Show pics
Show comments
Rose’s space
Private site
Music that plays automatically

Easily added

The roots of My Space is music

Rose’s interests

Links to others that have listed them


Click and see comments

Note Bio is missing

Friends [87] of them

Click on Holly to show private

Click No day but today-Private


Limited info- 16 yo

Rose’s comments

Read a few what kind of info is being shared?

Blogs – more later

Breeze through a common post


View a few other sites


Often Function over form, and the function is that the kids are doing it themselves - decorating their own
rooms, so to speak

Look at established Music artists

Weard Al
Jethro Tull?
Gwen Stafani

Look at Robert Earl Keen?



Strangers knowing my child

Keep it private if needed

Only allow “friends” that you know or have some reason to know

A safe way to explore the world

"Don't talk to strangers" not necessary for homeschoolers, they can learn how to talk to strangers in your home with you being there. Take the opportunity to share with them what you think is appropriate conversations.
Not talking to Strangers can kill you- Search and Rescue story


Some creep looking at photos of my child

Not if it is private-Only the main photo

They are already looking at your children out in public, in church, at the store, in school etc.

They are unknown, the creep and your child

Stories of abduction

Search for MySpace Abductions

Follow the trail to runaways not abductions

The press loves this kind of story plays on fears.

Far more controlled than meetings in public without the parent, being wooing them away

Accidentally stumbling on to porn

Very Rare-twice in all the time I have been on the web.{more than 10 years}

Problem with “parental controls

Actions say “I don’t trust you”

They take control away form the child

Ultimately, they block knowledge

Seems counter to what I want for my child

It makes what is behind the wall desirable

They do a poor job

Blocking sites on health, anatomy and the Grand Titons

The school Library Journal, June 06 “We Don’t Need No Tech Control” {by the editor, Brian Kenney}

“The Internet is full of the best and worst of our culture, including, yes, predators. Just like there are predators at the mall and--as we've become all too aware of in the last decade--churches as well. But we all know that the solution, even if it was possible, is not to block young people from these venues, but t o teach responsible behavior, in life and online. Children need to learn how to navigate the Internet safely while preserving their privacy.”


It’s a great way to meet others that share interests

We found our robotics club and all the members that shared our interest in it

A safe way for children to meet other children-It lets you be part of the interaction

Roxanna’s Cats friend meeting us in Sacramento.

Meeting up with Anime friends at the convention

Meeting other Unschoolers who share the same interests

Set up first meetings in a safe location

You have control of the meeting


Why would your kids be talking to strangers on line anyway?

Discuss what is appropriate conversation in the situation
What is the realm of your computer relationship
Understanding that some people lie for there own gain
Personal Questions in Non Personal situations.
Send me a picture
Phone number
Credit Card
Where do you hang out, etc
What’s your real name?, Full Name?

Vehicle for advertising

Method of supporting the web

Everything has costs, seeing advertising is what is paying for the site

Opportunity to explore it with your child.

If any source tries to get you to buy something, explore how it functions with your child.
How is the content tainted?
Subtract music, lights.. and see the toy

Vote with your mouse

Too much or poor or annoying- don’t return

A way to have an audience for what you are passionate about

Chauncey’s videos

Roxanna’s Cats sites



Pursuing what you are passionate about


Magic Cards sites

Role playing game resources

Online chess, with friend in Chicago


Google Earth

Lots of Videogame websites

Dictionary []







Google news

Local news SGV Tribune


Banking/bill paying


Cute Overload


Metafilter -Community Website to share info about a specific interest seeking comments [Cane Toads]

Ask Metafilter Questions about a specfic obscure question beyond standard search engines [A specific kids book, finding a dental exam chair]

Crafts []

Google news

Television without pity - Rob Cockerhan, How much is inside-length ramen noodles – sq ft of a million dollars, volume of a can of shaving cream

The web contains Information

Not necessarily Facts or knowledge

Or truth or accuracy for that matter

Or even Data

Instant Messages

Simultaneous online conversations

AIM (iChat)

Show an iChat session live

Add voice

define VOIP


National & Worldwide communication-

No or low cost

Long distance friendships
Moving away doesn’t mean ending relationships

Blogs {web-log}

Started as listing of links to resources on the web.

Developed into public Listing of opinion, politics, personal experience-diaries—News and opinion on a personal scale

Many contain more than written word-Photo’s graphics, video,

Most expect feedback from viewers


Homeschool blog



Sandra page and blog


General interest blogs

J-Walk [cranky old guys]

Make []

Not Martha – crafts and her life []

Laist –life in Los Angeles (commercial) []

Metro blogging LA [] {}


Audio and some with video

Blogs or news delivered to iPod or computer & other players

Can be talk-Radio like


Emil groups

Yahoo groups

Show my groups

Always learning

Google groups

Private groups


Useful sites

Puzzle a day site

Make site/ rocket launcher/ magazine - example of community online, tutorials


Alfie Kohn

Young kid sites

Games for Brains

How stuff works



Time Magazine for Kids

Advance search on Google

Define Google vs. other search sites

Look at other search sites


Trust your children

Experience the world with them

Undue worldly pressure is no greater than anywhere but controllable in your home.

The web is a vast ocean of information to be surfed. A broad based step to understanding and maybe, with passion and interest, wisdom.



Dan Vilter - Embrace the Internet

A few useful links

A search engine for kids.

Health, Science, Math and Tech animations for kids.

Just what it says – how almost anything you can think of, works.

National Gallery of Art Kids Zone

Time magazine for kids

The Harry Potter Lexicon

Games to play for free online and also to buy and download

Jigsaw puzzles online for free, also, upload your own photos and make custom puzzles.

Pencil and paper games

Tons of beautiful online games to play

Excellent resource for finding board games

Customizable memory game

Games for brains

Online city builder – looks a bit like Sim City

Online drawing toy.

Folding paper toys you can make yourself.

Play Set and Quiddler online

The MegaPenny Project

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